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Choosing The Right Trophies For Your Competition Or Awards Ceremony

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Personalised trophies and awards have been used for many years in recognition of exceptional achievement. If you are looking for a way to commemorate your event and celebrate the success of winners and runners up, there are many trophies from online companies, like Full Colour Badges & Trophies, that are perfect for any event or presentation. 

Choosing the right trophy to suit the occasion is essential. Trophies mean a great deal to those receiving them and will be cherished for many years, and perhaps even handed down through the generations. It is important to choose trophies and awards that honour your event or presentation perfectly and will be appreciated by the recipient. 

Size Matters

Trophy size can be everything, and sometimes it has no reflection on the event or award at all. For example, the trophy used to celebrate the famous Ashes cricket tournament is tiny, and yet it is recognised and respected around the world and held proudly aloft by the winners. However, there are times when size does matter. If you are going to be staging a kids' event, you may wish to choose smaller trophies that are light and easy for the winners and runners up to hold and transport. A year-end award ceremony, on the other hand, may require something a little larger. With so many trophies online to choose from, you are sure to find the right size and design to suit your needs. 

Making It Personal

When ordering trophies online, you will often be presented with optional extras to add to your trophy to make it special and unique. One way to do this is with personalisation. You may wish to personalise the trophy with the name of your event or competition. If you already know the names of the winners, why not consider having their names engraved directly onto each trophy? Personalisation doesn't have to stop at engraved names, however. You could also choose designs to reflect the nature of the award being won. Children especially love trophies that reflect the sport they are competing in, and there are many trophies online that feature footballs, racquets and other sporting designs. 

Token Gestures

Another type of trophy you may wish to consider is the token trophy. These can be handed out to runners up on sports or work teams or to children to celebrate their participation in an event. Token gestures like this are also great as promotional items if you are holding a corporate event.