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Benefits of Switching To Water Jet Cutting For Processing and Manufacturing

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If you are looking to get into the processing and manufacturing industry, one thing you will realise is that there is a lot of cutting, sizing, moulding and shaping involved. As such, to facilitate the different processes that are used to create finished products, you would have to invest in a reliable cutting system. Typically, metallic blades were a staple in the processing and manufacturing industry. Nevertheless, advancements in technology have provided alternative options that can increase the productivity of your business while lowering the cost of operations. You should also opt for technology that is eco-friendly so as to decrease toxic emissions into the environment. One of these forms of technology is water jet cutting. The following are some of the ways water jet cutting would benefit your processing and manufacturing business.

Water jet cutting is heatless

There are an array of materials that are heat sensitive. When you use regular cutting blades, the friction that comes about can cause thermal distortion to the materials. This, in turn, will have a negative effect on the surface finish of the heat sensitive materials. To decrease the risk of thermal stressing, you would be better suited to using water jet cutting technology. Since this cutting process makes use of water incorporating with abrasive materials, it prevents structural damage to your processing and manufacturing materials.

Water jet cutting is precise

Another way that water jet cutting can be beneficial to your processing and manufacturing business is the through the precision it offers. With water jet cutting, you can cut and shape the smallest materials in one go, eliminating the need to keep changing your cutting tools to suit the size of the materials. This ensures your manufacturing processes are conducted faster, which in turn increases the productivity of your business.

Water jet cutting eliminates sharpening of tools

Conventional cutting tools have a propensity of becoming dull after numerous uses. As such, you will find workers have to stop what they are doing in order to re-sharpen their tools to increase their efficiency. This can take up valuable time in your processing and manufacturing business. Since water jet cutting makes use of a supersonic stream, you never have to worry about the equipment becoming dull over time. Not only does this eliminate having to stop working to sharpen tools, but also your workers would not have to worry about cleaning their tools once they are done.

You could also contract out certain parts of the manufacturing process to companies like Chassis Line who already specialise in water jet cutting so you can get the best products.