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How a CNC Folding Machine Can Save You Time and Money

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Are you wondering whether you should include a CNC folding machine on the list of equipment that you need to buy for your new fabrication shop? Read on and discover how such a machine can save you both time and money when you open your doors to customers.

Fewer Tool Changes

A CNC folding machine can save you a lot of time because it is not necessary to make several tool changes during a folding job. Other folding machines, such as a press brake, require the operator to change to a different tool each time different parameters (material thickness, for example) are required. The time needed to change the tools increases the time needed to complete an order. That lost time can be redeemed when a CNC folding machine is used to process that order.

Less Labour Is Needed

A CNC folding machine can also reduce the labour needed to complete an order. For instance, several workers may be needed to flip a work piece that is being folded on a press brake. The money and time that is spent during material handling can be saved if an automated folding machine is used. Such a machine has robotic folding beams that alter their orientation in order to fold the material along different axes without having to flip that material. Thus, only one operator will be sufficient to handle several folding processes on that machine. Employee wages will therefore be lower since most of the work will be automated.

Variation in Order Sizes

Previous generations of folding equipment were ideal for large repeat orders because of the intensity of the work that needed to be done in order to set up the machines. For instance, several trial runs had to be made in order to fine-tune the settings of the machine. That costly process made it very hard for fabrication shops to take on small orders. You can stop turning down small orders once you have a CNC folding machine in your fabrication shop. This is because the quick set-up time and precision of the machine makes it possible to complete an order without wasting materials as you perform trial runs while tweaking the settings of the machine. The flexibility in the orders that you can take will cut your operating costs because your employees and equipment will be maximally productive due to the increased volume of work that you can take on.

Save money and time by acquiring a CNC folding machine. Contact fabrication equipment suppliers for information about the different models available on the market. Check out a company like Australian General Engineering to get started.