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How to know which aluminium fabricator to work with

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If you are looking for aluminium fabricators there are plenty of companies to consider. But how many of them are really going to be right for your business? When looking at prospective aluminium fabricators what will really make one company stand out from all the others is not the standard of their equipment or the skills possessed by their workers. Skills and equipment are certainly important, but many firms can make these claims. What will make a real difference over the long-term is the interest the company shows in your product and their willingness to work with you to perfectly meet your product requirements.

Here are three questions you should ask any aluminium fabricators or steel fabricators you are considering working with.

Do they work on projects of your size?

Sometimes what feels like a major project for your company is fairly insignificant for another company. You will obviously attach a great deal of importance to the successful completion of your aluminium fabrication, but does the fabricator feel the same way? If your project is only a minor job for the aluminium fabricators they may be motivated to direct their energies elsewhere and place greater emphasis on more valuable customers. Look for aluminium fabricators who are happy to work with you whether you want a single bespoke product or a larger production run.

What is the expected turnaround time?

Many aluminium fabricators promise a quick turnaround but what that actually looks like can vary from company to company. Before committing yourself to a particular fabrication company find out exactly when you can expect to receive back your order. Discuss the timings of each stage with the company well in advance and make sure that the timings that are agreed are written into the contract so that there is no temptation for the company to temporarily sideline your work when another 'urgent' job comes along.

Do they offer design services?

Metal bending and shaping is only a part of the work involved in aluminium fabrication. Before your project can reach that stage you will need to have a full set of engineering drawings from which your project can be created. By choosing aluminium fabricators who offer a full design service with CAD software you can be certain that you will be getting exactly the right drawings that will allow your project to be created in the way you desire. By having the drawings created by the aluminium fabricators you can receive full service from initial concept to final completion.