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The Negative Consequences of Having Graffiti on Your Premises

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Graffiti is a unique form of expression in art. However, the people who do the tagging often handle the process in an unregulated manner. They also have the freedom to choose the messages they want to pass across, and sometimes the messages they tag on your premises might create a problem for the brand image you are trying to create. The challenge with graffiti is that removal is also extremely hard, and most business owners are often forced to hire experts to clean the art off their walls. Here are reasons why you should ensure your property is free of graffiti at all times:

Graffiti and Crime

The problem with this informal type of art is that it does not exist alone. Most of the time, places that get tagged also have to deal with gang violence, public disorder from rowdy youth and marking territory. These behaviours may seem generally harmless at first, but as the people behind it start establishing their dominance, you will notice a rise in crime levels near you. This could give your business a bad name, and could even chase away potential business associates.

Graffiti and Your Brand Leverage

One of the determiners of how well your brand will be loved is the image of your business. Having graffiti on your walls does not communicate elegance, order and sophistication to your clients. Companies spend a lot of money using methods such as sandblasting to clean the mess caused by graffiti taggers because they understand the negative impact the art can have on their brand name. The worst thing that can happen is to have your business negatively labelled because of graffiti.

Graffiti and Property Destruction

Another problem which is closely linked to graffiti on your business premises is property destruction. Property destruction results when the people responsible for the graffiti are gang members. Ideological graffiti, which normally comes from organised groups which might have opposing views to the ideals which your business stands for, can lead to property loss and destruction. Conventional graffiti, which is rare and isolated, could also turn out to be malicious and violent.

Having graffiti on your premises is a liability. It is advisable to have experts remove any graffiti tagged on your property as soon as you notice it. This immediate removal of graffiti sends a message that you are ready to protect your business premises, and also discourages the taggers from wasting their ink creating something which will be taken down as soon as they finish.

For more information, reach out to graffiti removal companies in your area.