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Collecting Waste Oil: Can Your Business Explore These Possible Uses?

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Processing and manufacturing firms use sophisticated equipment to make products. These complex machines need oil as a lubricant and a mechanism for dissipating the heat generated during operations. With machines like loaders and conveyor belts running for long hours, you generate lots of waste oil that needs proper management, reuse or disposal. If you are running a small enterprise, you can use cost-effective collection methods like draining the oil directly from the equipment by following the manufacturer's guidelines. The waste oil has a range of applications that your business can explore to mitigate the negative impact that such oil can have on the environment: Here is an in-depth look into the subject:

Furnace Heating in Cement Manufacture

Cement manufacture involves using high-temperature furnaces to convert the raw material into something that builders can use. The raw materials used in the process are highly alkaline and produce pollutants like polynuclear hydrocarbons. Thankfully, the process of collecting and reusing oil encourages the breakdown of heavy metals that would have otherwise found their way into the immediate environment.

Used oil is a perfect substitute for the conventional fuels you use to heat up your furnaces. If you are in this line of business, consider integrating your collection equipment with proper pipework that directs the oil to the furnace that requires the fuel.

Fuel for Making Bituminous Conglomerates

Collected used oil comes with a few unwanted waste products. Some of these include water, sediments and metal chips gathered as the oil moves through the equipment. When you eliminate these unwanted impurities, used oil can replace industrial gas oils when making bituminous conglomerates. Industrial gases are rife with metal-laden emissions that harm the environment, and the idea to utilise used oil is a welcome idea. The small amount of harmful elements is eliminated by mixing the used oil with calcareous rocks. The next step is encapsulating the products with bituminous compounds to prevent a potentially dangerous scenario called leaching.

Heating Fuel for Automotive Works

There is no doubt that vehicle repair centres are popular sources of used oil. Processing and manufacturing facilities that make, assemble and repair vehicles generate lots of waste oil from internal combustion engines and other components. Collecting this used oil is essential for enhancing sustainable operations in such setups. You can burn the used oil in specially designed heaters to provide the energy needed for metallurgical works in the automotive facility. The collection and heating are done in a manner that reduces the emission of chloride and lead compounds into the atmosphere.

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